Wedding Gig Log The Renaissance Richmond VA

Wedding gig log from The Renaissance in Richmond VA by Busta B & Royall. I used Sony Vegas for the 1st time editing this video along with my new camera. I need more practice with this software…

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    25 Responses to “Wedding Gig Log The Renaissance Richmond VA”

    1. Innovative Sound Ent. Says:

      Tight work as always homie, very nice…

    2. Ricky Hope Says:

      Yeahhh….Royall and Bustab another work of PERFECTION….

    3. deejaybustab Says:

      Thanks Ricky!!

    4. Mattguitarman1234 Says:

      Nice Gig log!! ohh man those boards look sick!!!

    5. TheDjBIG Says:


    6. DjDudleyX12 Says:

      Really Nice Setup ,. And Gig ,. Cheers !

    7. DJ C.Smith Says:

      Great job as always! That ShowXpress is nice!

    8. deejaybustab Says:

      Thanks Man! Yes ShowXpress is so nice. You can do so much with it. It
      doesn’t matter if the light fixture is by Chauvet, ADJ or off
      long as it is a DMX fixture you can control it on ShowXpress.

    9. deejaybustab Says:


    10. deejaybustab Says:


    11. DjJoey Sonido Pina Says:

      Great Job! Keep it up

    12. MrDjChompiras Says:

      Excellent work you guys i can tell you guys work well togethere thats whats
      up congrats on ypur success!

    13. DjSupaStar100 Says:

      Damn the setup is lookin good!

    14. oscaraquino315020 Says:

      love your work.. Work looking very professional..clean set it
      should be…..(subscribing is a must)

    15. floyd menezes Says:

      Like the way you have the laser dots and gobos sync up, smooth touch… as
      always, good job guys!

    16. deejaybustab Says:

      Shoot me a message to my inbox on what type of lights you are talking about.

    17. djtroubledmv Says:

      Nice clean setup and gig!

    18. Upcomeing artists Says:

      one again grate job and nice picture and a wound full set up

    19. Uncleruckus Dre' Says:

      I stumbled on your page looking for home speakers. WOW… You do amazing
      work. I use to DJ back in the early 80s. UTFO and Roxanne Shante and the
      rapping duke days. You bought out so many memories. Thanks

    20. deejaybustab Says:

      Thanks we are using Serato DJ that came with the DDJ-SX

    21. deejaybustab Says:

      I run everything in mono.

    22. Art Sanchez Says:

      Awesome Set-up B! Your the Man..

    23. DJ Jay Mathis Says:

      PRO !!!!! keep it up

    24. Kervin Simeon Says:

      DeeJay Busta B, I was wondering, do you still use the custom folded horns
      from strictly hookups? I don’t like to criticize, but for the price, I’m a
      bit of a skeptic; the price is just too good to be true. All in all, good
      to see djs like you and your crew that keep this art real and genuine. Im
      definitely a fan.

    25. deejaybustab Says:

      Thanks!! It’s funny you ask about the folded horns because I will be using
      them tomorrow on a big gig. The room is large and the horns will fill the
      big space with bass. I will do a gig log to show the horns. They are big
      and hit very very hard!!! They are very heavy speakers…about 160 pounds

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