Sights & Sounds of Renaissance Faire (Bristol 2014)

One of my favorite events of the year! Sharing some of the sights & sounds of the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Great food, entertainment, shopping, and fun for all ages… If you haven’t experienc…

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    9 Responses to “Sights & Sounds of Renaissance Faire (Bristol 2014)”

    1. aaronzx10r Says:

      Tortuga twins rock!

    2. johnny shrubs Says:

      Lol I was just there last week

    3. 4randosutube Says:

      Can vouch for the Faire. I was invited many years ago and had NO interest
      in going. Turned into one of the best days I had in a long time. Much fun!

    4. ZA_Survivalist Says:


    5. TheOl1911 Says:

      Nice! I think there is one coming near me so I will have to check this

    6. superpug666 Says:

      sweet vid

    7. buzzsah Says:

      Bristol, where ?

    8. GUN METAL GUY USA Says:

      Great Sights Great Sounds Need To Attend When Near Myself Thanks.

    9. Trollioli Says:

      Aww yeah. It’s that time of year in Ohio. Gonna go to the ren fair, gonna
      get all silly. Let that inner nerd lose

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