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    25 Responses to “RENAISSANCE FAIRE 2014!”

    1. Katie Wilson Says:
    2. brokendrumset Says:

      Katie you must remember, never aim. Your eye knows where it wants the arrow
      to go :)

    3. happyfrodo12 Says:

      Not bad with the spear! the last throw was pretty good. :)

    4. Vjorp Says:

      We have the same here in my country but it is close to real historical
      places. It is not about renesaince but about middleages and mostely themed
      with what was there. Like a battle or shit :P

    5. Groot Says:

      in England we don’t really have renaissance fairs we just have real castles
      but they don’t have spear throwing just audio guides

    6. Toon Link Says:

      Looks more like a Medieval fair than a Renaissance fair.

    7. Jenni Otto Says:

      Yeah I went to The Renaissance Festival when I was about 10. Had a really
      good time I’ve always like the medieval era. Still have my flower crown I
      got :)

    8. Angel Colón Says:

      I’m in Puerto Rico right now. There’s no renaissance fair here (I think).
      Man I want to go to one one day :(! BTW, I was hoping for you to try

    9. MarioandSonicPWN Says:

      I went to a renaissance fair a long time ago, I was like 10 or something
      :P. I’ve also been to a Scottish games festival 2 or 3 times.

    10. joe hill Says:

      used to go to my local ren fest every year we had a huge one it last over 3
      months and is 27 acres

    11. Brandon Thadison Says:

      3 MORE VIDS till yo 200th video

    12. blackiechan52 Says:

      katie is quite the archeristsist…ist

    13. charter45 Says:

      if you want to aim the height of your arrow you need to put 2 fingers
      underneath the arrow instead of one under and the other above when you have
      your 2 fingers under the arrow you can aim by making the distance between
      your fingers and the arrow bigger(aiming higher) or smaller (aiming lower)
      when you find your sweet spot you will hit the yellow every time if your
      aiming is good. but unfortunately you don’t find such things in the

    14. Lylin A. Butler Says:

      i want to go there too!! it looks so cool and btw i love your dress :)

    15. SirPlum27 Says:

      You deserve more subscribers! Your vids are so funny and hi quality

    16. JamiM93 Says:

      I went to a renaissance fair back in middle school, it was in Minneapolis
      (closest one to me) and it was fun. I got a stamped copper necklace and i
      still wear it :)

    17. TheCasperOne Says:

      Love Ren Faires

    18. Mike Quinton Says:

      What’s the music?

    19. Louie DeScala Says:

      I love the Rens faire! We have a Renaissance Festival which is the same
      thing for the most part :) I go every year I can, which is most.

    20. 1matt210 Says:

      what week did you go??

    21. The Bunny Says:

      I go to Wisconsons ren fair almost every week 

    22. slinger0083 Says:

      I liked the way they changed the floor plan this year. And I agree that
      archery is the best, poxy boggards second. Will you go to fair with me next
      year? I’ll buy the arrows.

    23. Cyn Dia Says:

      NY Ren faire is awesome. I was there last weekend for their Time Travelers

    24. DJDarkWolf Says:

      Everybody, when need to teach Katie how to handle weapons… lol

    25. VishnuM Says:

      Who’s with you?

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