Renaissance fair hair styling tutorial

this lady did my friend’s hair to show us how to use her product.

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    12 Responses to “Renaissance fair hair styling tutorial”

    1. dida079 Says:

      thats really cool..where can i find one and do u have them in different
      colours? :)

    2. lunalazar Says:

      it´s amazing. i wish we would have that in germany too. i love that

    3. idkyetdou Says:

      This is fantastic THANK YOU for posting! 😀

    4. Kiirs5 Says:

      Thank you so much for posting this! I just met this lady the other day at
      her booth at the Utah Renaissance Faire. Since I’d seen your video the day
      before, I recognized her product instantly and it totally made me want to
      get one. Thank you for the great video!

    5. Josie Weatherford Says:

      cool! i’m glad it was helpful!

    6. A'Liah Merchant Says:

      @KWalsh554 i made one with yarn and beads, ’tis easy :)

    7. trinaye Says:

      That this is pretty cool.

    8. Juana Blanco Says:

      how can you make one of those??

    9. Juana Blanco Says:

      how can you make one of those things

    10. Dlovely291 Says:

      That is beautiful & she is really creative! I would definately buy her

    11. Dlovely291 Says:

      If she has a website please let us know! I don’t have the time to make one
      so I’d like to purchase them.

    12. museofink Says:

      Where can I find one these things? I want one!!

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