Recreating Renaissance, Making Isabel de Requesens

My first attempt at filming a bit of the process of making one of my costumes! I wasn’t able to capture every step, but I did my best to turn the camera on e…

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    11 Responses to “Recreating Renaissance, Making Isabel de Requesens”

    1. Angela Clayton Says:
    2. BurntToastMaster Says:

      I’m amazed by the amount of hand stitching you do; this video really shows
      your dedication to the art of dress making! I hope you add more in depth
      tutorials in the future- watching you work is an inspiration! 

    3. kreakyfrog Says:

      OH MY! im so happy you started a channel :) i love to marvel at your
      creation and so wish i could buy a dress from your imagination, keep up the
      great work! 

    4. sequyas Says:

      Umm excuse me? Why are you so amazing? All that hand sewing?! You are my

    5. MrsBestiaAzul Says:

      H-hand sewing EVERYTHING?!

    6. Flavia Studart Says:

      That dress is gorgeous! And you hands are so pretty. =D

    7. oNarakuo Says:

      you are not from this world!!!! HOW awesome is this video and your work?
      OMG. I following you since last year on tumblr. It is so amazing to watch
      your creations.

    8. robyest Says:

      You are absolutely ruddy marvellous, Angela.

    9. Harriet Vane Says:

      I cannot believe you have only been sewing for two years! You are fearless,
      and your results are amazing. Keep up the great work, Angela. I’m sure you
      will achieve all your dreams.

    10. Heather Crockett Says:

      Wow, I can’t believe that you’ve hand-sewn everything! You and your work id
      so lovely and extraordinary! I just found your tumblr today and I’m in love
      with your work and your motivation and accomplishment is very inspiring.
      Sew on!

    11. Michelle Imhof Says:

      this is amazing!!! and your hands are so pretty! (sorry if that sounds

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