Prostitutes at the Renaissance Faire!?

My wife said it was okay if I got some prostitutes. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! DOUCHEBAGGERY PLAYLIST:…

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    25 Responses to “Prostitutes at the Renaissance Faire!?”

    1. Lasse Samstrøm Says:

      my name is f. irst i guess?

    2. MediocreFilms Says:

      The Renaissance Faire is such a ridiculous thing. And so much stupid fun.
      Thanks to Jessica for inviting us! :)

    3. Harekiet Says:

      Lovely people having a good time

    4. Vladimir Zenovich Says:

      Your wife is so beautiful!

    5. FuzzleLand Says:

      I got a ren faire coming up this august. I’m going to roast in my costume.

    6. Devil Zen Galaxy Says:

      you wife looks like so small compare to you lol!

    7. Alexander Kubik Says:

      Mid evil times is like this

    8. FreakEating Says:

      Lol I didnt know they had renaissance fairs anymore. History nerds would
      dig it. 

    9. Adam Liebreich-Johnsen Says:

      Holy shit, Greg, you know Jessica?! Small world.

    10. videogamegenius Says:

      Did they have the vegetable justice guys where people throw tomatoes at
      their faces?

    11. TheMikesc15 Says:

      4:04 borat?

    12. Misho5z Says:

      3:33 Girl on the right Jynx Maze? LOL

    13. Skisful Says:

      Great video. Thank you Greg 

    14. bio2020 Says:

      …… a black man actor at a renaissance fair. political correctness run

    15. ART1GAMES Says:

      omg how did he go back in time????

    16. Cole Forsythe Says:

      Ive been to one in sixth grade it sucked tho and everything was really
      expensive but this looks like the same exact one, booths and everything

    17. MrDy301 Says:

      The RP is real

    18. kawaiipetal Says:

      4:05 Lady Michele! I miss her :)

    19. Drew Grow Says:

      Never gone to one. I see that at least I did not miss anything either lol 

    20. Marcus Henness Says:

      “I doth like large posteriors and I cannot tell a falsehood!”

    21. CommentorX Says:

      2:38 So they talk about sex, pretend that they’re going to do it, but then
      don’t really do it?
      / Sounds like marriage.

    22. Sin Snowfield Says:

      that was so fun watching, thank you!!!

    23. M. Głowacki Says:

      6:10 purple dress girl.. YARRRR dat hair <3

    24. got2gonow Says:

      ur wife is HOT

    25. Kimi Possible Says:

      the lady at 4:13 LOL
      she looks like the female character from Seinfeld! 

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