Ooo a vlog (#1 Halloween Daze at the Renaissance Fair)

oookay sooo I decided to try vlogging out, turns out…I really like it! 😀 Be sure to tell me what you guys think about this video though because idk. I definitely had a lot of fun making…

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    24 Responses to “Ooo a vlog (#1 Halloween Daze at the Renaissance Fair)”

    1. LPSLittleProductions Says:

      First time vlogging…what ya think? 

    2. Delaney Hayden Says:

      Cool I’m big fan

    3. MirandaSpanielFilms Says:

      Wow. I thought you would be brunette. You’re blonde!! 0.0
      I loved the vlog. You should do more!!

    4. Nadja Sinadinovic Says:

      Loved it!
      I think you should make more of those. vlogs!
      And btw you are like SO PRETTY!!!

    5. LPS Vosje Says:

      You are so pretty!
      I love this halloween vlog!!
      Happy halloween :D

    6. LPS Glitterbop Says:

      Is this the first time u show ur face ur beatiful

    7. lps purplesparkle Says:

      Under 301 viewers club! You’re very pretty! I definitely think you should
      vlog more :D

    8. Lps Alex Says:

      This is great! XD

    9. KandytheKitty Says:

      2:06 Dat face doe…

    10. Lps Poptart Says:

      Your so beautiful!

    11. Jasia McMillan Says:

      I can’t look at this. It makes me dishy at the front of it. All that

    12. ♡iHeartYou Says:

      Your so prettyyy!!! ;)

    13. LPS Midnight Moon Says:

      You’re really pretty! You should vlog more! :3

    14. Joely Lyndhurst Says:

      Your really bad at vlogging. Your ugly and think your cool. Your not. Just
      my opinion.

    15. LPS Jenny Motion Pictures Says:

      OMG I was going to that but my mom had to work >.< Hope you had fun!!!

    16. puppydogeyes 101 Says:


    17. Dionne D Says:

      You’re soooooo pretty amd i am 8 ok my name is isatubah

    18. Lps Diva Says:

      Is the person at the start you?

    19. Pondok Villa Says:

      my name is mayram
      i will make a video in may

    20. Pondok Villa Says:

      sorry is mayram tania

    21. Sea0287 And Coffie1234 studios :3 Says:

      Like if you saw this in 2015 :3

    22. min craft and go stampy Says:

      Thats the real u wow

    23. LPScool cocoTV Says:

      im sorry people are calling you UGLY. Because you are not. People arent
      accepting who you are and how you look. Dont listen to them they are the
      ones who are ugly hearted. You should accept who you are and how you look
      …. we all love you little productions. you are beatiful and kind hearted
      . accept that. you are funny and kind and everything else everything else
      nice you could think of. P.S : I like your donut pants.

    24. LPS HideTheCloud Says:

      Here is my advice dont vlog again to stay with the amount of subs u have

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