Key & Peele – Gay Wedding Advice

A family unfamiliar with the concept of a same-sex wedding holds a Q&A session with a gay man. Watch more Key & Peele:

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    25 Responses to “Key & Peele – Gay Wedding Advice”

    1. Drake Waters Says:

      I’m gonna do all of that at my gay wedding…

    2. haitianxu Says:

      Fake and gay.


    3. Blacksnyder Says:

      Lots of familiar faces in this skit.

      Vy Smith-Wilkes from The Fresh prince of Bel Air
      Lance Riddick from The Wire
      Romany Malco from the 40yr Old Virgin
      Gary Anthony Williams aka Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks
      The woman that asked if it was ok to gasp during the kiss, she used to be
      on Mad TV with Key and Peele, forgot what season, though.

    4. 123haninhk Says:

      “I dunno… Couscous.” LMAO. That’s Cockroach from The Cosby Show aka Carl
      Anthony Payne II :)

    5. CollegeHumor Says:

      Key & Peele – Gay Wedding Advice

    6. OverthereLook Says:

      Look, I get the humor and it’s hilarious but gay people ARE different. We
      can’t just act like it’s all the same. People these days don’t know what
      equality is anymore. Like females with their claims of double standards.

    7. 007VitaminD Says:

      However, its naive to think its the same thing, there still are some

    8. BigG99 Says:

      I would totally say eewww if I saw 2 men kiss.. its gross. cant help that

    9. linger4605 Says:

      I believe in God and am gay. Problem?

    10. Cheryl S Says:


      “Do we throw something other than rice?”

      “Like couscous…….skittles”

    11. Sean Harvey Says:

      He mentioned what the guy said wouldn’t be allowed because it’s a religious
      ceremony. If it’s a gay wedding, that just contradicts what he said

    12. Snouty Pig Says:

      Key and Peele are geniuses. This one features terrific guest actors. One of
      the best here is Romany Malco. At the 3:30 mark:

      “Do we th’ow som’thin’ other than rice?”
      “Like what sir!? What would you throw other than rice!?”
      “I ‘on’ know. I ‘on’ know… Couscous… Skittles.”

      Throughout the skit, Romany Malco can’t (or refuses to) make eye contact
      with Gary. It’s a little idiosyncrasy that gives credibility to the
      otherwise ridiculous scenario (which Gary points out at the end). Really
      great. Really funny because it plays off the truth.

      “So there’s no gay hymns in the ceremony?” Cracks me up every single time.

    13. Cory May Says:

      Pro tip… Don’t *ever* ask these questions. XD

      Warning: Slightly #NSFW content.

    14. Ali Ahmed Says:

      Does Christianity allow gay marriage? 

    15. Rafael Cárcamo-V Says:

      OMG…BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! So funny!!!

    16. Calebar Says:

      All Liberals and Conservatives stop the fighting do you not see what you
      are causing, a split in our union again. One of our most fondness president
      Abraham Lincoln tried to prevent this from happening and you choose to
      ignore it. It causes war and mayhem we fight friends and close family over
      nothing that really mattered to you. And liberals you are wrong for what
      you do you change the world not for the better but for dominance. You make
      conservatives look like assholes and most of the time we don’t say a word
      back. Do not continue your meaningless cause. Because you made this world
      suffer more than prosper…

    17. Blu Canuck Says:

      Will’s mom from Fresh Prince is in this skit and Romany, aw damn this is

    18. Archonis Says:



    19. Nikki Rael Says:

      Truth be told I’ve always had the same questions especially the one about
      gay or straight section

    20. Enrique Berry Says:

      #skittles …lol!

    21. JMPIMP254 Says:

      Homosexuality is a mental disorder.

    22. Jametta Coleman Says:

      Understand what’s acceptable at a gay wedding. 

    23. Hannibal Zulu Says:

      Anal sex is sickening as is anything that involves touching or eating human
      feces. I believe in evolution but some of us aren’t evolving. Some of us
      are devolving; many of us in fact. When your mind becomes desensitized to
      the foulness of human excrement then you have devolved to the level of
      chimpanzees and other monkeys that have no problem with touching stool.
      This applies to heterosexuals who engage in anal sex as well as
      homosexuals. It also applies to people who eat chiterlings. Your mind needs
      to be upgraded to a higher level of consciousness where an internal alarm
      goes off when stool and other foul and filthy substances are in the area;
      as is the case for most human beings. The last time I said this to a
      somdomist he told me that they clean themselves thoroughly. I never heard
      of a man who sticks cleaning agents up into his rectum. Even if men are
      dusching now adays, forensic science teaches us that bodily fluids and
      excrement never totally wash away. Also, pleasure and pain have a tendency
      to leave associative imprints on the human psyche. This means that when we
      experience pleasure and pain, whatever else is present or occurs at that
      time becomes associated in our uncounscious minds with pleasure and pain
      for the rest of our lives. Which means that many sodomists (whether
      secretly or publicly) associate stink and stool with pleasure. If I have to
      embrace a mentality like that in order to be accepted by society, then to
      hell with acceptance. I’d rather be a loner and an outcast.

    24. Kyle Truss Says:

      I have had this exact conversation. *Exact.*

    25. MrNateGate Says:

      The aren’t the same, because a gay “union” isn’t a marriage. Nough said…

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