KEEPERS OF THE KINGDOM: The Texas Renaissance Faire Documentary

UNCUT FROM THE PREMIERE VERSION THAT WAS NEVER RELEASED! 9-11 had just occurred as we brought it to the INDEPENDENT FEATURE PROJECT to get feedback on what w…

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    13 Responses to “KEEPERS OF THE KINGDOM: The Texas Renaissance Faire Documentary”

    1. Darwin Prophet Says:

      so wonderful to spend time at hawkwood again! thank you so much for this
      documentary,it is beautiful!

    2. Darwin Prophet Says:

      your sound engineer is fantabulous. great sound guys!

    3. kingkubby Says:

      Nice.. I saw my dad in there twice.

    4. Unrestrainedessence Says:

      Just WONDERFUL!!!!!

    5. UpstairsMedia Says:

      @kingkubby: Who is he?

    6. kingkubby Says:

      he can be what he wants to be when he wants to be it

    7. Kyle Matkin Says:

      This is awesome. Love it.

    8. Kyle Matkin Says:

      I am rennie!!

    9. jeremystery Says:

      I am a gayboy, for adventure in medieval times!

    10. Joseph Johnson Says:

      Oh God, I forgot I was in this documentary (52:59)

    11. Drew Stone Says:

      I worked for Kim at the Maccaroni Grill! :) What a delightful lady. I have
      a copy of this from when I worked with her, andI’m happy to hear it’s been
      picked up!

    12. Geilenda Brewton Says:

      I am beside myself. My kids and I were at Hawkwood from ’99 to ’01. So many
      beautiful faces and memories. Thank you.

    13. Della Purdin Says:

      You show my husband at 1:26 and 31:05. It’s cool to see my handsome man in
      a documentary about something that we love.

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