Iran’s Fashion Renaissance: VICE Reports

Click here to subscribe to VICE: Before Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, citizens weren’t required to wear the Islamic cover k…

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    22 Responses to “Iran’s Fashion Renaissance: VICE Reports”

    1. VICE Says:

      VICE went to Tehran to attend the third annual Fajr Fashion Show and speak
      with some of Iran’s new designers.

    2. Mafiadaughter Says:

      It’s sad that the fashion designers like Kamran Bakhtiari for Cameron
      Zigzal can’t showcase their designs. These fashion shows still are
      oppressive to my country. 

    3. John M Says:

      Persians are so hot!

      Forbidden chocolate. 

    4. Rick James Says:

      Iran was a shit country before the revolution 

    5. The Proverbial Hater Says:

      2 things…

      1) How many ways can you actually re-style a hijab? I mean I know fashion
      is about the clothes, but come on really.

      2) What the fuck is the point if you can’t even see how their tits, ass,
      and legs look fully in the got damn dress. I mean these Persian bitches
      don’t even show ankles. At least show me a got ankle a got damn ear or

      You can’t even see a bitch’s hair… Come on. Get serious, what
      revolution? It shouldn’t be called a fashion revolution, it should be

      *”Look how many new colors the Iranian government allowed me to put on a
      hijab… Oh yeah did I mention we can be on the same stage with men now?”*

      That’s not a revolution, that’s a play date at the sand box…

      Boys and girls can play in the same sandbox and use the special crayon box
      with all the new colors… Look at me mommy.

      Then they talking about how to walk on the runway… Bitch they probably
      tell you with your head down and don’t look at anyone or Allah will stone
      you. FOH! Is Vice serious? 

    6. Orev Says:

      Iran should probably be more focused on their ethics than their fashion.

    7. ultimaxization Says:

      smh… LOL at the western hypocrisy. They claim to be the people who
      respect freedom of speech and choice, but at the same time get butthurt
      when they see these women wear headscarves. And I even read some comments
      below saying that they should show their tits, booties and wear skimpy
      clothes in order to call this a fashion show. What a bunch of pricks! A
      woman with dignity will not objectify herself for the pleasure of men.
      I am not encouraging women to wear the scarf nor am I encouraging them to
      remove it. It’s their choice and governments should not intervene in such
      personal things. However, you MUST respect their “freedom of choice.”

    8. John kln Says:

      Ok Ok
      please read it
      i am iranian
      so hijab is a rule in iran and women have to follow it but in our privacy
      (party,wedding,reunion etc) we are completely opposite of what youre seeing
      in this video
      iranian girls are really pretty and almost 90% of our population hates
      hijab , islam and our regime
      please don,t say anything of you don,t know much
      please like this page on fb if u wanna know more about iran’s hijab issue
      stealthy freedom

    9. Crazy schizophrenia Says:

      I want to wear a burka and run across the NYC streets yelling “ALLAH
      AKBAR!” Americans would shit in their pants. 

    10. Mr.Logic23 Says:

      Iranian women are probably one of the most beautiful women in the world.
      However, they are the biggest drama queens. and money grubbing whores.
      Iranian women are the worst to deal with when it comes down to money, they
      are very materialistic. I used to own a catering company, and Iranians like
      to show off by buying expensive cars. However, they are spending their
      money on things like cars and clothes while their checks and credit cards
      get declined. If you want to date an Iranian, you must drive a nice car
      like a BMW, and they do not care if you are old or ugly, as long as you
      have a nice car then you are good to go.

    11. andrew sapia Says:

      Persian culture is so superior to Arab culture. One can only imagine what
      Persia would have become in the modern world had Islam not conquered her.
      Even in their expression of Islam Shia Islam being far superior to Sunni
      Islam. Respect for ethnic minorities and other religions and sects is far
      better in Iran then in the Sunni Arab world. It’s one of the few Muslim
      countries with a sizeable Jewish community. Even Christians in Iran get
      government support for church building and repair. As long as they don’t
      evangelize Christian live pretty well in Iran. I think Iran is the greatest
      hope for the Muslim world. I wish they could escape the tyranny of the
      Mullahs. It is looking like young people will inevitably bring change. The
      young are less and less interested in Islam or attending mosque. Mosque
      attendance is way down among the young. 

    12. Lee Tappel Says:


    13. TheIrishWarrior1917 Says:

      Imagine being forced to wear a crappy school uniform your whole life. I
      don’t see any difference. I’m told that a growing number of young Iranians
      are wanting to break free from Islam but I’m not seeing anything of the
      sort from Persians commenting on this video. I wonder what that suggests ?
      I think that only keyboard jihadis care to make comments on videos
      pertaining to Islam. The ones that pay it lip service don’t bother.

    14. A typical Scouser Says:

      It’s unbelievable that a country went backwards in the 70’s as most
      Countries where progressing.

    15. Sara Alcaraz Says:

      What a most boring culture.

    16. Geehad Says:

      The Persians need to take back their land from the radical islamic
      government, the arab muslims in charge aren’t true Persians, they need to
      get rid of the name Iran…revert it back to Persia, and take islamic out
      of the country’s name. (if it helps at all, I’m Persian)

    17. John Abdurrahman Says:

      Western men, look at our women, they are modest, good and faithful. Look at
      what your women are becoming, majority are crazy feminists demonizing men,
      naked, rude, hypocritical.

    18. Michael Robins Says:

      In western countries women are treated based upon their beauty, but when
      they cover their beauty they are treated the same, this one reason I
      converted to Islam 

    19. Abdullah Almosawy Says:

      Damn the comment section is full of disgusting retarded pigs.

      The human brain is an amazing gift but most people are amazingly stupid
      maybe because they don’t know how to use their own brains.

      Can anyone tell me why is that happening ?!
      Oh, yeah it’s b/c media is full of bullshit and people are easily tricked.

      You may have healthy eyesight. But you have a blind brain.
      Please don’t make ignorant judgements on others cultures, beliefs,

      Don’t be a STUPID FUCKING MORON who believes whatever others told him.
      Don’t be an ignorant blind follower who declines his own brain and believes
      others claims just because you are too LAZY to find the truth by your own

      Truth is there but only smart people are aware.


    20. Swish Says:

      Western women should become more modest.

    21. Pakistan defender Says:

      All retards in comment section saying Islam did this, Iran has been Islamic
      for the past 1 THOUSAND years, and all dignity and pride was lost during
      the 70s and fall of Qajar dynasty, Pahlavis were the worst thing to happen
      to Iran. And Persian culture does not = Iranian culture since Iran does not
      have only 1 culture 

    22. j blin Says:

      Iranian women are smokin’ hot though

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