Frau Berg accessories • Lace Renaissance

Frau Berg accessories Video production: China Film Making Studio The Frau Berg brand was founded in 2007. T…

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    3 Responses to “Frau Berg accessories • Lace Renaissance”

    1. John Hopper Says:

      ‘The Frau Berg brand was founded in 2007.
      The concept is based on the principle of the traditional bone lace-making.
      This does not mean however that in her work the designer confines her
      creativity solely to the classic lace-making patterns. Frau Berg skillfully
      transforms pure folk motifs into more complex and unique works of art.
      The author seeks inspiration in the history of costume, cinematography, and
      fine arts.
      The author’s creative approach and out-of-the-box thinking artfully fuse in
      the Frau Berg accessories the latest fashion trends and the uniqueness of a
      genuine designer object.’

    2. giuliana sinigaglia Says:

      lavoro a fuselli

    3. joanne currie Says:

      where do you get the lace thread from where can I purchase it from 

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