Cambodia Fashion Week – Ghosts in the Garment Factory

Charlet arrives in Phnom Penh and heads to the first show of Cambodia’s innagural fashion week, where some models hit the runway “acting stoned.” It’s follow…

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    25 Responses to “Cambodia Fashion Week – Ghosts in the Garment Factory”

    1. Sonia Mishra Says:

      Off topic: Dye her hair dark brown or black and give her a bit of color to
      her skin, she’d blend right in. lol :)

    2. cookie54189 Says:

      Theses women have nothing only earning $2 a day and yet they wake up
      everyday with a smile on there face that’s real beauty. Mean while in
      America teenagers cry about not having $500 Jordan’s to there parents, be
      grateful for what you have

    3. Anita Sher'i Says:

      does anyone know if they get paid to do these interviews with vice?

    4. Brent Bchrisream Says:

      I can’t believe she bought that dress after learning the conditions these
      women work in….unbelievable I just don’t understand people these days

    5. MintySpaghetti Says:

      Song at 18:48 ?

    6. renAiin Says:

      I was all for this documentary until she said the T slur. 

    7. darkveder100 Says:

      Charlotte, if that’s the journalist’s name..was super more relatable and
      endearing through in this particular doc.

    8. Rhino Ross Says:

      Charlet is by far, hands down my favorite investigative journalist reporter
      of all time. She has a charisma and energy about her that is reflective and
      appropriate of her stature. Blessings Charlet in all you do and everywhere
      you go! 

    9. shiranui Says:

      23:32 made me so sad.

    10. tommy vasquez Says:

      terrible how they treat the girls working 

    11. Lucia Sone Shawol Says:

      I wanna know how tall Charlet is! she must be like almost 6ft or something 

    12. lilswimgurl1 Says:

      i really liked the song that played while they were on there way to the
      factory from that girls house, and I would really like to know what it was

    13. Diego Gutierrez Says:

      Hey Vice can you please post the songs on your description please!

    14. Drace07 Says:

      she bought a dress………………………

    15. Liz Bradford Says:

      it’s sad that their country was turned upside down by their own leaders. I
      hope things will get better for them and I hopefully can visit Cambodia to
      see the great people.

    16. george clooney Says:

      Holy shit that girl is amazing who made the fashion cafe
      Wanted to cry 

    17. waritwarit Says:

      Charlet is so pretty! Get back into modelling gurl!

    18. sysudesign Says:

      great video!! but the music just blows it!! i need those tunes right now!!!

    19. Moses79 Says:

      the stare u cause of ur nipple , pls wear bra 

    20. cecelia79 Says:

      That 1960’s Cambodian rock! It’s amazing

    21. Sirivadohan Says:

      what is the song at :30?

    22. ICEGTN Says:

      Here is the thumbnail

    23. Borin Nhek Says:

      Fuck!, fashion is about gay and tranny.

    24. Saadat Islam Says:

      I think I have a small crush on Charlet

    25. Aida Eminian Says:

      I think i wont be able to look on clothes the way i did before,after this
      part.Seing this part, made me realise how lucky I am, even though we are
      fighting for future right now, my home is in a middle of war, but we are
      still lucky, to have all thise chances!!! Thx,for making this part!!!
      Amazing how one country can be so different, one struggle for food other
      for brands…

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