Halloween and Just for Fun Party Costumes

Do you like fairy tales where there are good queens and bad queens?  Do believe in magic?  Do you wish some fairy tales would come true?  Happen to you?

Well maybe you can bring some fairy tale magic back into your life.  Choose a costume and imagine yourself  being totally and wholly the type of person that costume represents.  Ya know like acting, really be that person.

Let yourself go and see where you go. Maybe some magic will happen…maybe a fairy tale will come true for you. What would we do without our imaginations and Hollywood?!

Maybe you would like to be a Queen, like Queen KatherineQUEEN KATHERINE GOWN here in her beautiful deep blue gown with faux fur,  pearls and gold stitching.

And don’t forget about your Lady-in-Waiting.  Although I know if I was a Queen my Ladies-in-Waiting would not be waiting for long.  I’d have them off fetching and doing to my hearts content.

The members of court wont be able to keep  there eyes off of you in this shimmering 3 piece ensemble.  What ever you do I don’t advise making the Queen mad.  She could go from good Queen to a bad Queen and before you know it you’ve been banished from court.


I hear it’s the Wicked Queens who have all the fun.  And fun youWICKED QUEEN COSSTUME Halloween and Just for Fun Party Costumes will have in this costume.

From head to toe in wickedness and dashing style.  Be the most wicked of all with this outfit.  With crown, choker and sweeping gown you’ll definitely look wicked.  Keep those party goers in fear of your power.  Why not turn a couple into toads just for the sake of it.

Well from Wicked Queen to Witch Queen is just a few magic spellsWitch Queen with Breast Plate.  Should your rule need a firmer hand to control things.  This costume is just perfect.  No one could harm you ever again with that breast plate in place.  No more problem subjects.  Show them no mercy!  It is a full-length gown of red velvet with a netted over skirt and faux fur collar.

Or if having a kingdom is not for you, then perhaps the free spirited roaming  pirate heart is more like it.  Try this gorgeous and sexy pirate costume.  With elegant thick rich velvet fabric, frills, eyelets and ruffled cuffs you will be the most beautiful pirate to ever walk aboard ship.


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