2014 Texas Renaissance Festival

Sights and sounds from the 40th annual Texas Renaissance Festival.

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    10 Responses to “2014 Texas Renaissance Festival”

    1. William B Tedrick Says:
    2. TaarnaHM Says:

      Ummm, the date on the end says October 10, 2015. :-)

      Great video though!

    3. Jeff Dunehew Says:

      Hey you caught some video of us playing around 4min! Great video!!!

      Come see Shunyata perform at the Hacienda San Jorge stage at 1130am, 1pm,
      3pm, and 430pm!

    4. Amanda S Says:

      Thanks for shooting this video! I haven’t been in years but want to start
      going again next year to make some new memories.

    5. NoLoveZombieKiller Says:

      Great video. What kind of camera do you have?

    6. dan c Says:

      We were there 11/1 and 11/2/14. The weather was fantastic and as always
      was great fun. This is the place to “take your brain out and play with

    7. Anim FeralHeart Says:

      Looked cool this year, I plan on going this weekend.

    8. Anim FeralHeart Says:

      I liked the furry.

    9. Gordon Kaiser Says:

      Great vid…you need to do a TRF camping vid!

    10. Lindsey Martin Says:

      I found Fursuiters!!!

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