♥ Easy Everyday Headband Hairstyles for Short and Long Hair Tutorial

This hair tutorial will show you how to create three easy hairstyles using a headband. ^_^ The half up half down is perfect for back to school or everyday. S…

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    25 Responses to “♥ Easy Everyday Headband Hairstyles for Short and Long Hair Tutorial”

    1. cute girl Says:

      I like all of them♥♡♥♡♥♡

    2. julia borg Says:

      I like the last one and i’m definetley going to try it!

    3. faith wachepa Says:

      Side sweft deffos

    4. Tsarevna Says:

      beautiful!! love them all!!

    5. Azalea Dominguez Says:

      Luv all! May I have the head Bands?

    6. Zayna Imaan Says:

      thankyou! jsut what i needed to learn for tonight. my hair is short so i
      will have to use pins and hairspray

    7. Alyssa Malik Says:

      Purple headband thing is better to my hair hahaha xD lol
      I wanna win that things please please :* thx

    8. Shyann Guerra Says:

      You should do the Elsa hair style

    9. Zeynep Akkok Says:

      I love your hair !! 

    10. Jeremil Sudario Says:

      I love them all i have headband but their big i wish I could buy them to
      their lovely 

    11. Chrizelle Mae Espiritu Says:

      I love the second one! :) Thankyou for sharing. 

    12. jp dudz Says:

      i like all of them.. how can i win all of them?

    13. Joy Thephravong Says:

      i love all of them lol

    14. Abby Eizabeth Says:

      my fav was the last hairstyle cause it is out of your face and it looks so

    15. عبدالله الجابري Says:


    16. Tommy Barrett Says:

      Can I enter how can I

    17. Ganesh Shrestha Says:

      the background is nice

    18. Dawn Cady Says:

      Have very long and thin hair, loved all these headband styles!!

    19. bossgirl32 Says:

      What if we have only a certain headband like one that ends behind your ear

    20. Leigha Ritchie Says:

      I have a head band like that one but it still falls off

    21. Roxanne Barkanova Says:

      nice!! Love ur hairstyles,they re all so feminine….Will the up-do work
      for me,my hair ends below my headquarters.(yeah it s long,I ♥ long hair
      soo much!!)Thanks again!!

    22. haley jumonville Says:

      None bc my hair is a bitch. 

    23. molly gorman Says:

      Thanks for the video. I’ve been wanting to know how to do the last style
      and you have made it look super easy. 

    24. chanel manning Says:

      I love the last up do when I did this my friends loved it an i loved it

    25. Lizzy Quiroz Says:

      I like all of them

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