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    24 Responses to “♡ RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL VLOG ♡”

    1. Ashley W Says:

      Was the swing that fast?

    2. Kay Are Says:

      Awe I would have loved this!! Makes me feel like I am a gypsy or in midevil
      times xD

    3. Rach31 Says:

      OMG!! hahah I jumped at the end!! 

    4. Sydney Marshall Says:

      I’m going to the Renaissance Festival tomorrow! Got my costume and hair all
      ready (picked out and practiced) just have to do makeup now

    5. THE RAMEN BOX Says:

      lmao you have bunny that’s really all over the place and enthusiastic and
      fun .. meanwhile .. everyone there is fucking AWKWARD. THIS WAS PAINFULLY

    6. Zuzu Gaston Says:

      I’m going tomarrow Saturday to the fair hear in I Santa Cruz 

    7. Jessica Delves Says:

      OMG you guys look like your having so much fun!!!!

    8. Morgan Dulak Says:

      i went yesterday and it was gr888

    9. Emma Koester Says:

      Been to the festival before it was AWESOME

    10. ruth sorchaga Says:

      You guys make the cutest couple ever

    11. Lizzy Thirteen Says:

      Lol you posted this on my mom’s birthday

    12. MattBritt Schwietz Says:

      Mn ren fest has mermaids swimming wish I could post a pic

    13. Beatriz Cordero Says:

      Dogman seems shy or something…

    14. Jess Says:

      5:27 soo cute <3

    15. Ashley Carlson Says:

      i love the renaissance festival

    16. Maureen F. Says:

      You are so cute together :)

    17. ToriMD11564 Says:

      Love ya you are helar love the renisons festival hope you had a great time♥

    18. Grace Loyacano Says:

      Is dogman shy??

    19. jason mabrey Says:

      Sassy, sassy sassy, so sassy

    20. Ally Macwhirter Says:

      Aw when dogman held bunny and kissed her I died a little

    21. Lisa Angel Says:

      Aww u have the sweetest boyfriend ever, u guys are so lucky to have each
      other. Love ur vids bunny. Ima new subby and I instantly fell in love with
      ur personality. U make me laugh when I’m having a bad day.

    22. Elizabeth Garcia Says:

      Are they still together

    23. illusionsfan1 Says:

      This looks like the MOST funnest thing EVERRR. Don’t get this in Australia
      lol. Dogman should make that hat part of his permanent attire ~ he wears it
      well! :)

    24. think pink Says:

      was there yesterday!

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