Renaissance Wedding Dresses

Renaissance dresses are perfect for the Fair, Re-enactments, as bridesmaids gowns and especially for Weddings. Whether you are strolling around the Renaissance Faire, planning a Medieval wedding, or dancing around the fires, renaissance clothing will take you back through the ages with timeless grace and beauty.  Step into your renaissance gown and be transformed to the Renaissance Era.renaissance wedding dress

The popular image that we have of Renaissance costumes, particularly that of England, is what was worn by the upper classes.  Style was paramount for both men and women of nobility in the Renaissance Period.  So imperative that the Sumptuary Laws were made.

To the modern eye, Renaissance clothing appears to be highly constrictive and extremely uncomfortable. ‘Tis true, only because we associate the formal clothing of the nobility with the period.  We tend to forget about the poor workers.  Their clothes were not quite so grand and far more comfortable.

This is natural, as most of the examples we have of Renaissance clothing are from paintings and written descriptions.  Historians and artists generally do not record the activities of the poor.  Who wants to hear about or see somebody working?  Doesn’t make well for sales.
renaissance wedding dress
However, for your special event you want to know how to be more authentic in your dress, accoutrements, and persona.  Authenticity is a perfection game but, we’re not competing with anyone but ourselves.   We’ll never be perfect, but we like to have something to work toward.

So don’t get carried away with things having to be perfect, even if it is your wedding day.  After all it’s the imperfect things we remember most and eventually gives us the biggest smiles.

In this blog you will find tidbits here and there to help you and below are a few suggestions on how to change little things about your person into more period-accurate equivalents.   As with anything, you can do a little or a lot.

renaissance wedding dress

Spiral Lace! The simplest authentic change you can make to your gown or other clothing right now, is to lace your bodice or gown with a single lace in a spiral, not cross-laced like tennis shoes.  This is the thing that movies and even museums get wrong most of the time.  Correct spiral lacing is the right way to go!  While very few, if any will notice, you will be authentic.

Award medallions and regalia,  you’ve got so many that you sound and look like an heavily over-decorated Christmas tree.  The obvious solution is not to wear them.

In most places, rank insignia were only worn for ceremonial occasions (like Coronation), but I find nothing wrong with putting on your regalia only for Court or Weddings.  However this brings the inevitable accusations that you are protesting the Order or being a “Stealth Peer”.  Do what you feel here, but try not to over do it least someone starts to hang Christmas lights on you.

A better solution is to look at tons and tons of pictures (ok, not that many) from the period you have chosen to represent and see how people from that time and place wore insignia.  Or contact The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) This is a far better idea.  They will give you authentic.

In most cases, medallions can be incorporated into hat badges, pins, necklaces, etc.  Almost always, doing a little more research will solve many of your problems.  And that is what we at Renaissance Wedding Dresses hope to do.

renaissance wedding dress

Here’s a little tidbit of info about an area of your wedding that, over the years, became a part of the wedding dress and became traditional.  Do you remember this rhyme :

“Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,
And a lucky sixpence for your shoe.”

I bet many of you did not know about the 3rd line.  You will be surprised to find out how many of the traditions we have today started long ago.  You’ll find lots of these traditions in this blog.  Some are really wild, others astonishing and still others…no way!… But yeah.

Well, if wedding plans are not in your plan, but you still love the beautiful gowns and dresses then go to the Renaissance faires.  Renaissance faires are a wonderful opportunity for you to see what life was actually like in the Medieval and Renaissance eras.  And if you really start to get into it, get into LARP, a live action role playing society.

You can eat Medieval food, watch knights joust, and experience any number of activities that are sure to keep you entertained.  The best part?  They encourage people to dress up in Renaissance costumes to help increase the atmosphere.  You can find a directory of all the major Renaissance faires in the country here.

But maybe you like the renaissance and medieval look for more lighter things like holidays, masqurade balls, special events, costume parties or halloween and just for fun parties.  For you there are Wicked Queen gowns,wicked queen costume Witch gowns with breast plate, pirate attire, bride’s maid gowns and still more lovely wedding gowns and just lovely gowns and dresses.


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